Animal Health Research Institute Council

In Chunan, near Hsinchu city, is located the Animal Health Research Institute, under the supervision of the Council of Agriculture, itself related to the Executive Yuan. In this buildings complex, our company has installed in the first phase a complete BIPOLAR AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM, in the chemical laboratories area with the models DX1800, DX500 & DX1200, along with an ion control regulator IR120 on one part, and on the other part one model CX2500 coupled with an air quality control unit DC120, representing a total of 19 units for treating a total volume of 16,700m3/h. In the second phase of the project, we have equipped the office area of the main building with another complete BIPOLAR AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM featuring the models DX1800, DX500 & DX1200 with the ion control regulator IR120 , with a total of 4 units for treating 6,000 m3/h.

Main benefit: Elimination of unhealthy emanations and unpleasant chemical smells, along with VOC pollution in the chemical laboratories area. In the offices area, removal of VOC pollution and prevention of future chemical contamination from the laboratories through the air-conditioning system.

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