The product and basic principle of BIPOLAR AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM derives from ionization in activated air of the great scientist, Albert Einstein, which brings healthiness to mankind.
The method of simulating nature's ionization was adopted in BIPOLAR AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM, equipped with artificial intelligent control system that has a sensitive air quality sensor to detect environmental air quality, maintaining an ion-balanced air, quickly solving air problem in the room, and bringing you a fresh air identical to Nature and a comfortable working and living environment.

  1. active oxygen atoms cluster
    Split air into lively group of oxygen atoms
    O- Negative  ions  and  O+ Positive  ions
  2. Reduction of germs
    Oxygen radicals break down the cell membranes in bacteria, fungi and mould spores by means of cell division and kill and prevent every kind of new formation, development and growth.
  3. Oxidation-Neutralization
    This activated oxygen in the air oxidizes and breaks down gases and odors.  This chemical process is irreversible and the gases and smells are actually destroyed permanently.
  4. Coagulation of  particulates
    Electrically charged oxygen molecules form oxygen clusters that attract, neutralize and remove particles, dust and pollen in the air, so that they are easily caught by the filter , leading to an enhanced level of purification.
  5. Balances static electricity
    This electro-physical process creates naturally ion-balance charged air in order to remove excess electrical static in the air.

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