Dishung Enterprise Co.,Ltd. founded in 1985 mainly sells and manufactures medical treatment and experiments instruments &  equipment; in 1995, the company set up the BIPOLAR department.

BIPOLAR equipment air purification technology proceeds from the cooperation of its technical engineers with the technological support of German Bioklimatik Gmbh, which cooperates with our company for the development of artificial intelligence, in order to control the system called the BIPOLAR AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEMS, intended for large and professional customers.

The principle behind BIPOLAR products is a combination of human technology and intelligent air purification solutions that create a safe and advanced way to purify the air for indoors air pollution problems for its customers.

All of its components and equipment carry CE, TUV, and SGS standard approvals, in order to make the customers feel safe and secure about the use of BIPOLAR products, and to allow the company to sell in large volumes all over the world.

BIPOLAR bi-polar ion air technology department has extensive experience in dealing and finding solutions for indoors air quality problems; therefore it is able to provide customers with quick and reliable solutions for the questions of indoors air pollution, with the help of its top professional technical team, so that the customer can benefit of a totally healthy and fresh environment.

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