Type AO3-A1

The BIPOLAR automatic air ozone controller presents as main feature to include a highly sensitive air sensor, specially designed to detect ozone levels. The controller has also the function to turn off the BIPOLAR air purification system , when needed. The smart design of this controller allows the user to combine the ability to mix ozone in the air, but always with an absolute safety level for the user.

When the odor in the air is very strong, the “AO3/A1” main controller will instruct the BIPOLAR air purification system to produce more ions, in order to quickly induce the process of oxidation and sterilization in the air. When the air quality has been improved, the controller will automatically decrease the ions emission, in order to avoid over-production of ozone.

On the “AO3/A1” air ozone controller, the user can check the air ozone status on the dual LED light display.

This controller has been specially designed to be tamper-proof, so it displays no any switch or button to adjust the settings. The settings can be adjusted only from the computer where the BIPOLAR proprietary software has been installed, and by connecting this computer to the controller only at the time when the engineer needs to input of modify the settings. After the setup is done, the engineer just disconnects his computer from the controller, which will run with preset settings, without any possible further modification. This procedure brings an extremely high security level for all the users .

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