Type AQC-A2

The BIPOLAR automatic air quality controller presents as main feature to include sensitive air sensors such as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) sensor  to detect the VOC , (i.e. the odors) in the air, and an  ozone sensor  to monitor the suitable ozone level  to avoid to be harmful to humans.  When the humidity sensor is installed, the intensity will be adjusted depending on the percentage of humidity in the air.  Also, the controller will turn off the BIPOLAR air purifiers when the Air flow is lower than the value that was set up beforehand.

The controller is directly connected to a computer through RS485 code, for visual monitoring of all above functions.

When the odor in the air is very strong, the “AQC-A2” main controller will instruct the BIPOLAR air purifier to produce more bi-polar ions in order  to quickly induce the process of oxidation and sterilization in the air.  When the air quality has been improved, the controller will automatically decrease the ions emission in order  to avoid over-production of ozone.

On the “AQC-A2” air quality controller, the user can check the air quality status on the LCD display: when the reading on the display is increasing, it means the detected air quality is poor.

When the BIPOLAR air purifiers are switched on and  the reading on the display is decreasing, then it means the air quality is improving so it is very easy for any user without special skills to check and control the air quality, thanks to the automatic functions of the “AQC-A2” BIPOLAR air quality controller.

The intelligent air quality controller “AQC-A2” can manage the bi-polar ion level in the air, in order to supply a perfectly clean and non-polluted air quality for the human well-being, and at same time to avoid a secondary pollution induced by ozone production which could harm health.

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