The BIPOLAR AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEMS can be immediately installed in the current air-conditioning system, no matter the latter exists since quite a long time or it has just been installed, and it is very easy to install and operate it.

The BIPOLAR AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEMS can find extensive applications in every field and situation, such as Hospital, restaurant, bank, offices, daily life at home, animal center, bar, school, cram school, laboratory, clinic, retirement home, daycare center, library, hotel, health club, printing facility, garbage , and food processing area with high temperature and high humidity ..etc…

BIPOLAR AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEMS can improve the indoor air quality by lowering the level of the germs in the air by 70-80%, by decreasing the VOC level in the air, and also by reducing unpleasant smells.

BIPOLAR AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEMS can complement the air-conditioning system by improving the incoming fresh air quality; it also allows the air-conditioning system to reduce the intake of outside fresh air , therefore reducing the power consumption and lowering the operation charge.

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